Real World Results

I believe the key to a successful brand or product marketing campaign relies on identifying the target audience, followed by hands-on research. I excel at managing teams of all experience levels and consistently deliver exceptional results.

Client: Lowepro
Product: QuadGuard FPV Backpack
Need: To penetrate a very niche demographic of FPV (First Person View) Drone Racers who are highly influential in the drone gear category. Introduction of a new product.
I spent weeks researching the target demographic which was new for Lowepro. The client wanted to show actual FPV pilots in the imagery, however, the reality lacked excitement. I surveyed FPV pilots and found that their second favorite pastime was playing XBOX. I then researched video game marketing material and the hottest franchises. The photo shoot was set in a known FPV practice location outfitting the model, product, and accessories to be realistic but in the style of a popular video game series. The goal was to create images of what an FPV Drone Racer imagines himself to be.


  • Product sold out online day one of launch.
  • Product sold out with distributors on week one of launch.
  • The product became number one in the category.
  • Three months after launch at the 2017 FPV World Championships in Hawaii over 70% of competitors from around the world arrived with QuadGuard bags they had purchased.

QuadGuard 30sec ESPN spot.

QuadGuard website full video with designer walk through.

Client: Lowepro
Product: HighLine Series Travel Backpacks
Need: Create a multi-channel campaign within an extremely tight budget. Travel bags are an established category; shelf placement is highly competitive. Lowepro needed to introducing their first travel bag series and to create a campaign that would get noticed while not straying too far from their base of established customers.
I meet with the designers and sales team from the product concept phase to completion. Working from their inspiration for the bag I created a week-long road trip travel story using one of Lowepro’s brand advocates as the model/actor. I then went on a week-long road trip with the advocate to create an exciting campaign that stayed true to our core customers. I also worked on creating a “B” campaign that was more focused on the weekend urban traveler; this allowed flexibility in sales channel placement.


  • Product surpassed initial distribution goals.
  • Created a solid new sales channel and growth path.
  • The HighLine Series was fully accepted and adopted by the current customer base.
  • The campaign gave the sales team the extra confidence to present a travel series as a serious competitor for placement.

Client: JOBY makers of GorillaPod
Products: GorillaPod Line of tripods and new Action Series Line
Need: The brand DNA was very strong with JOBY as a playful startup based in San Francisco. However, there was no consistency, structure, or real marketing plan. They had almost no marketing content. The company lacked the ability to create product and brand campaigns, that kept true to the free spirit of JOBY. They needed a plan and they desperately needed content.
I won’t lie, it helped a lot that I was the brand’s #1 ambassador when I took up the job with them. I knew the DNA of the company and the majority of it’s community very well. Which allowed me to create compelling visual campaigns that were community-centric.


  • Sales went from a stagnant period to an average increase of 18% per year for the next 4.5yrs that I was working with the brand.
  • A dramatic increase in JOBY/ GorillaPod social presence, virally becoming on trend with vloggers and content creators.
  • Grew social channels and developed a core advocate team.

Client: Lowepro
Products: DroneGuard Series
Need: Break into a completely new and emerging product category for the brand.
The staff at Lowepro were highly into drones on a personal level. I decided that since this genuine passion for the category existed, the marketing campaign should focus on it. The tagline “Built for drone pilots; by drone pilots.” was used at launch and continued as additional products were added to the category. This was also emphasized in fun social videos which were a break outside the normal serious look of the brand.


  • Lowepro DroneGuard Series became the number one drone bags in category quickly after launch.
  • The DroneGuard BP450 backpack and DroneGuard Mavic backpack, were both successful additions to the DroneGuard Series, surpassing sales goals and selling out worldwide.
  • Lowepro became the industry standard for drone backpacks by the end of the first year in the category.

Client: Honda Motorcycles
Need: To draw attention to Al Lambs land speed record attempt within a very limited budget.
Solution: Create a 15-minute short film documenting the extreme nature of the land speed record attempt. The challenge was the budget; being able to create a visual story that would resonate with the target audience.  Success, in the end, came down to pre-visualization and extensive planning.


  • Front page of MCN – #1 industry website.
  • Approaching 700,000 YouTube views to date.
  • 4.9 million minutes watched to date.
  • 93.5% Youtube audience “like” ratio.
  • $.04 per view. $.005 cost per minute viewed.

Client: Silver Legacy Resort Hotel Casino
Need: Client in Reno, NV was looking for an updated, upscale, 30-sec television spot. 
I pitched the client a campaign that had the feel of a large Las Vegas Resort. In order to accomplish this on budget, I asked for an extra two weeks of pre-production. I took it upon myself to write, cast talent, direct, film, and edit the spot. I also found an upcoming composer from Germany willing to write a custom score.


  • A 30, 60, and 90-sec spot were produced for web and television.
  • Initially, it was scheduled for a six month run on local networks. However, the client had such positive feedback that they expanded the campaign into multiple west coast states and ran the spot for two years.