Hello fellow creatives!

After hearing other people tell me time and time again that I should start my own YouTube channel I thought “You know maybe I should”.

I’ve always considered myself an artist first and a content creator second. For me it’s all about imagining something and then bringing it to life. I absolutely love crafting objects, props, replicas, basically anything I can imagine.

Starting in 2021 I’ll be posting content regularly to my YouTube channel. Expect one video about every two weeks. The content of the videos going forward will mostly be maker type content. However, I’m of course going to be throwing in the odd piece of content every now and then.


Join Me Weekly On Zoom

For those Patrons who support the channel I’ll be hosting a half hour Zoom chat every Saturday at 7pm (EST). Want to suggest what I build next? Have a question about something I’ve made? Ask me anything!