Experienced & Detail Oriented

It’s all about being extremely detail oriented, patient, and knowing how to shape light on a variety of textures.

360° Product Shots

A series of images optimized for interactive product shots.  From simple items on white to the most complex items floating in space on custom backgrounds. Perfect for Amazon webstore or your website’s product pages.

Visualization to Execution

From concept to final image this one shot took two full days. On day one an assistant and I built a cage to hang the pieces from. We then suspended each item using fishing line; taking several placement test shots, making sure every item was in the right position. On day two I began placing and testing lighting. This process took four hours to get the six lights placed perfectly. Then the one master shot was combined with the shot of the front of the bag and the fishing line removed. Including the shot of the front of the bag, approximately 20hrs of work went into this one hero image.